Am I a Christian? Yes and No!

It really depends on what you mean...
I am a Christian = I accept responsibility for the fact that I have & do sin. I know that I deserve death & hell because of my choices against my Creator.

BUT I trust that what Jesus went through
(emptying himself, coming to earth, being tempted, living sin-free, being wrongfully accused, rejected by friends & family, shamed, beaten, beard torn out, crown of thorns, whipped (and no normal whip), murdered in agony and separated from His Father)

No amount of trying or being good could earn me a place in Heaven...but His gift of Eternal Life has set me free now & for ever.

I owe my life to Jesus and I am eternally grateful!

I now believe the Bible is true and have much evidence of this. A relationship with God is available to all thanks to Jesus - so what are you waiting for? It starts right now...just you - no one else has to know!
By the question "are you a Christian", some actually mean:
"are you religious"
"are you a Catholic"
"do you think that going to church makes you good"
"do you use 'god' as a cop out for being a jerk"
"are ignorant of scientific facts"
"are you a bigot"
"do you think you are better than everyone else"
"do you think it's ok to abuse people & just be forgiven"

I get this a lot - and you may have other pre-concieved ideas about what a 'christian' is. I did!

I will let you in on a little secret though:
God does not condone people being rude or abusing others. Whatever you have experienced in the past from 'christians' this was not His intention or His doing. God cares about & if you were wronged then HE CARES and can HEAL YOU.

He did not want that to happen & HE FEELS the pain you do. Please email me I can help as I know how hard it is to separate the actions of those who say they are 'god's people' and the God they are meant to represent.
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