Do I do non-religious / non Christian weddings / events?

Of Course! - within certain limits!
I DO...
Christian and Non-Christian Weddings
Religious and Non-Religious Weddings
Pray for you before and on the day.
Rely on Jesus to direct & empower me on the day
Have a gift from God with photography
Invite Jesus to your wedding anyway - and no need to buy him a dinner :)
Over-charge people for photos
Think that your wedding day revolves around me
Do nude / sex photography
Take your photos lightly
Try to Bash you into religion!
Mind if you have objections or even anger towards 'god'
I reserve the right to refuse any job that I think will violate my conscience, marriage, the law or God's will.
Perth Wedding Photography the way it should be - Fun & Easy with the WOW factor...and of course at the right price!