Why Jesus?

This is a LONG story - but the short of it is:
I recently discovered that Jesus is not just a historical figure or good teacher - but was who He said He was - God!

I am now daily aware of the fact that He is alive & well today and loves each one of us.

I never used to believe this - in fact quite the opposite - but He showed me some amazing things to get my attention. I never enjoyed a lot of these things & I was very stubborn - but He persisted :)

I have since done a fair bit of study & He continues to show me truth. I realise that I have sinned & still do - but believe that He has paid the price for my sin once & for all on the cross.

It has and is an amazing journey - one that I hope you will discover too - but be warned...it's not about religion (see the Christian link!).
Jesus = God, Man, Servant, King, Friend, Father, Creator, Helper, Rock, Shepherd, Savior, Risen Lord!

Jesus loves you, cares for you, knows you, died for you and rose again!

Jesus alone can save you from sin and it's consequences (hell, death, sickness, disease, poverty etc). There is no other way to God - many religions only one truth!

Jesus can & wants to help you right now ask for advice on how to hear from Him - we'd be delighted to help.

Weddings were Gods idea! A celebration of two people so close that they could commit and become one. An image of The trinity (God the Father Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit).
Perth Wedding Photography the way it should be - Fun & Easy with the WOW factor...and of course at the right price!