Perth Wedding Photography - for those who hate having photos taken!

If you are like most of the people I have met (especially those in the bridal party) - you have has a bad experience with a wedding photographer or simply hate having your photo taken. And if you are like them you have good reason.

But let me assure you I am not like most of them! to start with I am not arrogant, proud or rude. And as if that isn't enough I tend to be quite relaxed in demeanour - and even funny at times. Seriously!

I also know first hand what it is like to be 'camera shy'. I have always hated photos being taken of me too. So I know what it is like and I am mindful of what you may be feeling.
I can give a few tips and a little pep talk to you and the bridal party when I arrive that will help you all relax. But really it is the way I work and my presence that will make the biggest difference.

I have a few things I do and a 'system' that will help you relax and enjoy yourself immensely - even with the camera pointing at you.
I get a lot of comments from people who were dreading the photo session at a wedding I covered. It often starts with 'thank you so much', ends with 'thanks again' and has something like 'I enjoyed it, it was fun, you're amazing' in the middle.

I don't think this highly of myself - but this is the consistent result from me doing this job that I love and have been gifted for.
I'm not a 'Wedding Photographer' - I'm someone with great skill, experience and gifting at interaction with crowds and taking Creative Photos!